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Rama Bargawa-English VersionRama Bargawa-English Version. Here, I will share you The Story of Rama Bargawa. On wednesday I watched a leather puppet show on Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, Semarang. It was ISBD Outdoor Class. There was lots of audience there and I saw some of them are international tourist. I thing they are interested in puppet show in java. the show was opened by the son of the mastermind. he is a child of primary school but very adept at playing shadow puppets. The visitors applauded when the story is finished. event continued with the nuclei of leather puppet show titled "Banjaran rama bargawa"
Rama bargawa, the name of Rama Parasu, is one of the puppet figures of cross-border, meaning there is recounted the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Brahmana are also determined to overturn sacred ascetic values ​​and public perception at the time the too glorifies warrior class. For years he traveled around the world just to find a case and the reasons for the magic he had. He can kill the warriors as much as possible. Name of Rama Bargawa was acquired because he is a descendant of the famous Maharishi Bregu. He also called Rama Parasu. because the weapons are axes flagship. Parasu mean ax. With the same ax he had killed her mother.
This is the story of Rama Bargawa in English Version

Maharesi Jamadagni is the father of Rama Bargawa. Jamadagni married Dewi Renuka. a very beautiful woman. From the marriage was born five boys. namely Rumawan, Susena, Wasu, wiswawasu and Rama Bargawa.
One day. Dewi Renuka do oblique with Citrarata King of the Kingdom Martikawala. Although fraud is kept secret, because it has high science, Begawan Janiadagni know what had happened. Immediately he called her five children, and before them the Goddess Renuka asked to acknowledge the act affair. After a beautiful woman to give recognition. Sages Jamadagni ordered Rumawan, his eldest son, to kill his mother as punishment for the actions serongnya. But the elder brother refused. Similarly, the second, third,and fourth. They refused to kill his mother. Since the rejection order was they all condemned sages Jamadagni so changed mind (crazy).
The fifth child, Rama Bargawa. Mclaksanakan his father's orders. With his ax weapon. he killed the mother who gave birth to her. After the Goddess Renuka killed, Maharesi Jamadagni said to his youngest son: "Rama Bargawa, my son, that you have followed orders with a good father. so now you may submit five requests.whatever your request, will fulfill your as much as possible. The opportunity was used Rama Bargawa best.
First she asked that her mother was revived. Second, for all his sins inflicted to kill his mother could be erased. Third, that all his brother who has become insane can be restored to normal. Fourth, that the mother, his brothers. and he forgot all the events they had just experienced. And fifth, Bargawa Rama asked that he have no magic power so that no man on earth who could fight him All requests Rama Bargawa granted. except the last. Maharesi Jamadagni said, would be a Brahmana Rama Bargawa magic that is unmatched by anyone except Batara incarnation of Wisnu, not sure why there is discrimination like this.
A few years later Maharesi Jamadagni and his entire family was killed brutally murdered by the sons of King Arjunasasrabahu Maespati king. At the time of the massacre that occurred Bargawa Rama was away wandering in the forest. And. Rama Bargawa how heartbroken when he saw his family dead. Not at all expected king who respected and praised the people across the country have allowed the act of the persecution of his family. It was also Rama Bargawa vowed to avenge his mother's father and all his brothers.
Due to the arbitrary actions was originally Batara Wisnu incarnate in King Arjunasasrubahu Wadak leaves the body (physical) the king and returned to heaven. That's why. Rama Bargawa then could avenge the death of his father was a king that kill Maespati. With Bargawatra arrows, Rama Bargawa won duel between them. Chakra weapon released Sasrabahu King Arjuna. sped away from the target.
But the death of King Arjuna Sasrabahu Rama Bargawa not satisfactory revenge. He will kill every knight he encountered for him. Group of knights is inappropriate alive in this world because they work according to his opinion just another oppressive caste. the story above taste exactly the Hollywood film about the murder of loved ones and the process of revenge also somewhat cliched story.
Since then Rama Bargawa never again stay in one place. He was always traveling wanderer. When met with a knight. He was always asking for trouble so they fight. Rama Bargawa and then kill him. On that way, Rama Bargawa broken several times taught a variety of knowledge. The lucky dapal studied him. include Resi Bhishma, Drona Rishis, Rishi Kripa and Basukarna.
Dewabrata. is ultimately more famous by the name Bhishma. is the most successful students in studying the various sciences of Rama Bargawa. After all thoroughly science is taught. Parasu Rama gave a new name on Dewabrata namely Bhishma. which means great, superb, awesome, awful'. Rama Bargawa also recommend that Dewabrata alias Bhishma immediately took off his clothes and replace them with clothing ksairianya Brahmin. If this advice lidak implemented. Bhishma then later get into trouble with women.
Ilu teacher recommendation is not implemented by Bisnia. Position as a warlord kingdom of Astina. Brahmins are not allowed to wear clothes. And forecast Bargawa Rama finally proved. Bhishma had difficulty with the issue of Amba. saiah a princess of the Kingdom Giyantipura diboyongnya to Astina to an arranged marriage with his sister, Chitrangada. According to the puppet. Bhishma was accidentally end up killing the Amba. But according to the Book of Mahabharata. Amba's death was due to suicide by flung himself into a bonfire of its own.
Before daring to commit suicide Amba was already trying to kill Bhishma by requesting help on several kings and knights, but they did not dare to face the famous Bhishma very powerful. Amba Bargawa finally met Rama. Bhishma teacher. After hearing complaints Amba. sacred Brahmin asked, if when brought into Astina Bhishma Amba ksalria wear? Amba said. "Yes" Rama Parasu assess Bhishma wrong. Thus he came to meet his former pupil was about to punish him. But in the duel between the two. Rama Bargawa was no longer able to match the magic of Bhishma.
Failure to kill Bhishma Parasu Rama among other things is what reaseon Amba desperate and then killing himself, according to the Mahabharata.
Rama Burgawa the last pupil. Basukarna. disguised as a Brahmin to be accepted as a disciple of Rama Bargawa. This had to be done by Basukarna as Rama Bargawa not willing to accept students from the class of knights. However, after many science he learned. Rama Bargawa know that Basukarna actually not Brahmins. but from the class of knights. Discovery of a secret undercover Basukarna because of trivial events:
One time, being too tired Rama fell asleep in her lap Bargawa students. Basukarna. Some time after the Master's sleep, a large scorpion crawling down the thigh Basukarna used as a pillow by Rama Bargawa. Basukarna utmost bear the pain from the sting of the scorpion, he absolutely does not move even tortured extreme pain.
When Rama Bargawa then find out what happened. As soon he knew that Basukarna certainly not from the class of Brahmins. Only a major knight could bear the pain like that. Rama Bargawa is furious. He felt cheated. Because it's powerful Brahmin cursed. The curse it is: one day in Baratayuda. in a precarious situation. Karna will forget all the science that has been taught.
Regarding the death of Rama Bargawa unclear. League at least two opinions very different each other. Some say Rama Bargawa died when dealing with Ramawijaya. That time. after marriage with Dewi Sinta. Rama and his wife and father. King Dasarata returned to Ayodya. They were accompanied by soldiers guard large enough numbers.
In the course. there was a commotion. Rama Bargawa intercept the party and the devastated line of warriors Ayodya. With a furious King Rama Bargawa Dasarata and Ramawijaya challenging. King Dasarata gently said. Inappropriate bilatnana Bargawa a powerful Rama fought a duel with his son's inexperienced. But Rama Bargawa not care. He remained close to Ramawijaya and ready to attack. Seeing this Ramawijaya took gendewanya. set of arrows. and aimed it at his opponent. At this time Bargawa Rama realized that he was dealing with the incarnation of Vishnu, the obstruction has been no one able to direct the gun on himself. Therefore Bargawa Rama hastily apologized base his behavior. and go into the jungle.
Seinentara some mastermind told that the interception occurs duel between Ramawijaya with Rama Bargawa. Because Rama Bargawa indeed could not beat the incarnation of Vishnu Batara, when Rama was also killed and his soul Bargawa pervasive. fused with Ramawijaya. The third version says. when Rama defeated Bargawa Ramawijaya. he is not dead but moksha. Because of the high science he had, and because he had undergone a true dharma. Rama Bargawa degree with the gods. That is why, Rama Rama or Parasu Bargawa in position as a god, along with three other deities, still appear to accompany the departure of Sri Krishna as an ambassador, on the eve of Baratayuda.
All three other deities are God Narada, Batara Janaka, and Batara Kanwa.
There are inconsistencies in the story of Rama Bargawa, the first turns two warriors were among his principal disciple of Bhishma and Karna but not killed, just condemned it as a puppet and a second cross-border fight why he could die when he was also a teacher Ramawijaya Bhishma and Karna, seen here that the story of Rama in the Mahabharata Bargawa "somewhat" forced. Rama is a brahmacarya Bargawa, never married throughout his life, so he had no descendants. Its all the story about banjaran rama bargawa.

by Rifai Yusuf

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