Robinson Crusoe Story Part 2

Robinson Crusoe Story Part 2 | Rifai's Blog. Hi Guys, how are you today? you're right, aren't you?
Ok Guys, I had tell you about the summary of Robinson Crusoe Adventure at the Part 1, but what was happen in the island to the Robinson Crusoe?
Let's see the Next Summary of Robinson Crusoe here.

In the morning of first day in the island, he swam out to the ship to took some things, such as food, clothes, knives, and guns. On the next morning the ship finally sunk. Robinson Crusoe shoot  bird for eaten and cut  a mark in a wood to hat there was a big tent inside it, and he put a small tent inside of it to put all his foods. One day, there was a earthquake and hit his fence, so he was very sick. On the next day, he walked around and came to a beautiful place-a fresh, wild garden. He took some fruits and then he builded a home there.
He killed goat to ate, and he tamed a parrot to talk to called poly. He planted same grain and it’s successful. Then he made some bread from it. One day he decided to make a canoe out of big tree, but he couldn’t move the canoe into the water. Then he builded a smaller canoe and found he can moved it into the water. He soon found a lot of rocks in the sea and suddenly he was in a very strong current. He worked and worked so the current wouldn’t carryy the boat any further out. Finally the current stopped, so he could bring his canoe back to the island. He went to his garden house and slept, but in his slept, he heard a voice that called his name.

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