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Robinson Crusoe Story | Rifai's Blog. Hi Guys, how are you today? you're right, aren't you?
Ok Guys, do you know Robinson Crusoe story?
Let's see the Summary of Robinson Crusoe here.

Robinson Crusoe was born on September 30 1632 in the city of York, England. He wanted to go on a voyage, but his father wanted him to be a lawyer. He asked permission to his parents, but they don’t permit him. One day he met his friend and then they went to London by sea. During the ship sailed, there were waves rose wildly, and terrible storm until the ship sink. Luckily there were other sail man helped them before the ship sink.
Then Robinson Crusoe made another voyage to Africa and met a captain that taught him navigation, but some pirates got him and took him with them. Robinson Crusoe escaped in a boat to Brazil and made some money from plantation. He made another voyage again with some planters. On the sea there were waves rose wildly and terrible storm, so they got in a boat, but the wild waves threw them in all direction and nobody saved expect Robinson Crusoe and it made him alone on an island.

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