Robinson Crusoe Story Part 3

Robinson Crusoe Story Part 3 | Rifai's Blog. Hi Guys, how are you today? you're right, aren't you?
Ok Guys, I had tell you about the summary of Robinson Crusoe Adventure at the Part 1 and the Part 2, but what was happen next to Robinson Crusoe?
Let's see the Next Summary of Robinson Crusoe here.

Robinson Crusoe waked up afraid, but it is only his parrot. When he walked along the shore, he saw a footprint. He thought there were some cannibals there from another island. He was very afraid, so he made his house stronger for more protection. One day in his twenty-third years on the island, he saw a fire on his side of the island, so he went up the hill and saw nine cannibals eating their terrible dinner. One morning in his twenty-fifth years on the island, he saw five canoes, so he went up the hill and saw thirty cannibals dancing around a fire.
As he watched, they pulled two unhappy men from a canoe. The cannibals killed the one, and the other man ran away quickly toward Robinson Crusoe’s house, so Robinson Crusoe save the man and killed the cannibals. The man life with Robinson Crusoe, and Robinson Crusoe gave him a name called Friday. One day they looked a boat came toward the shore. It carried eleven men, and there were three prisoners. Robinson Crusoe and Friday save the three prisoners, that one of them was the captain of the ship that he turned against by his man. Robinson Crusoe and Friday helped the captain to get back his ship and it was successful. So Robinson Crusoe can come back to England with the captain’s ship.

OK Guys, that's all of the Summary of Robinson Crusoe Story. You can also see the Robinson Crusoe Story Part 1 and the Robinson Crusoe Part 2 at Rifai's Blog.

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