Example of Spoof-Beach & Bitch

Example of Spoof - Beach & Bitch
Beach and Bitch | Spoof ala Rifai’s Blog. This Spoof is a spoof that made for my Writing Assignment. The spoof title is Beach and Bitch. Check it out...!

Beach and Bitch

One day, there was a young man walking around in the garden. He was a broken heart, for his girlfriend left him and going out with the other man.
"Why must you leave me? I can't live without you". The young man shouted. The gardener approached him and said, "What the hell, boy? You look so sad. I think you have to go to beach to refresh your mind". The young man replied, "Aha, a good idea man. Thanks for your suggestions."
The next day, the gardener saw the same young man walked around in the garden. "What the hell, boy? You look sadder than it was yesterday. Have you done what I suggested yesterday?" The gardener said.
The young man replied, "Yes, I have, but I don't have much money to pay the bitch."

That is the example of Spoof. May be useful.

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