English Grammar Task & the Answer Key

English Grammar Task | Rifai’s Yusuf. Hi Guys, I’am going to share you about English Grammar Task. You can also download the Answer Key of the English Grammar in the end of this task. This English Grammar Task was my Final Test Preparation of English Grammar 2, the one of lesson in English Department, IKIP PGRI Semarang of 3th Semester. So, if you’re English Department in IKIP PGRI Semarang, you can try to answer this task.

A.   Answer the question by choosing a, b, c or d.
1.    After the funeral, the residents of the apartment building _______
         a.    sent faithfully flowers all weeks to the cemetery
         b.    sent to the cemetery each week flowers faithfully
         c.    sent flowers faithfully to the cemetery each week
         d.    sent each week faithfully to the cemetery flowers
2.    Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for _____
         a.    another pants
         b.    others pants
         c.    the others ones
         d.    another pair
3.    The committee has met and ____
         a.    they have reached a decision
         b.    it has formulated themselves some opinions
         c.    its decision was reached at
         d.    it has reached a decision
4.    Alferd Adams has not ____
         a.    lived lonelynessly in times previous
         b.    never before lived sole
         c.    ever lived alone before
         d.    before lived without the company of his friends
5.    John’s score on the test is the highest in the class, ____
         a.    he should study last night
         b.    he should have studied last night
         c.    he must have studied last night
         d.    he must have to study last night
6.    Henry will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because ____
         a.    he must to teach a class
         b.    he will be teaching a class
         c.    of he will teach a class
         d.    he will have teaching a class
7.    Having been served lunch, ____
         a.    the problem was discussed by the members of the committee
         b.    the committee members discussed the problem
         c.    it was discussed by the committee members of the problem
         d.    a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee
8.    Florida has not yet ratified the amendment, and ____
         a.    several other states hasn’t either
         b.    neither has some of the others states
         c.    some others states also have not either
         d.    neither have several others states
9.    The chairman requested that ____
         a.    the members studied more carefully the problem
         b.    the problem was more carefulnessly studied
         c.    with more carefulness the problem could be studied
         d.    the members study the problem more carefuly
10. California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and ____
         a.    Florida also
         b.    Florida too
         c.    Florida is as well
         d.    So does Florida
11. The professor said that ____
         a.    the students can turn over their reports on the Moday
         b.    the reports on Monday could be received from the students by him
         c.    the students could hand in their reports on Monday
         d.    the students will on Monday the reports turn in
12. This year will be difficult for this organization because ____
         a.    they have less money and volunteers than they had last year
         b.    it has less money and fewer volunteers than it had last night
         c.    the last year it did not have as few and little volunteers and money
         d.    there are fewer money and volunteers that in the last year there were
13. The teachers have had some problems deciding ____
         a.    when to the students they shall return the final papers
         b.    when are they going to return to the students the final papers
         c.    when they should return the final papers to the students
         d.    the time when the final papers they should return for the students
14. She wanted to serve some coffee to her guests, however, ____
         a.    she hadn’t many sugar
         b.    there was not a great amount of the sugar
         c.    she did not have much sugar
         d.    she was lacking in amount of the sugar
15. There has not been a great response to the sale, ____?
         a.    does there
         b.    hasn’t there
         c.    hasn’t it
         d.    has there

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